Home Theater

It’s time to redefine your way of watching television and movies with a new home theater system from Smart Life. What used to be a tangled mess of wires and a collection of remotes to devices you don’t even remember owning can be turned into a sleek, modern home entertainment center. With a simple and functional design combined with the iRule home automation system, Smart Life will connect and conceal any entertainment device out of sight and leave you with complete control at your fingertips from any smart phone or tablet.

Imagine enjoying the latest blockbusters with movie theater quality sound without waiting in line. Or cheering on your favorite team in the big game from the comfort of your own personal box seat. Become the envy of all your friends with a new home theater system installed by Smart Life.

Whole Audio System

Provide a bit of enjoyment throughout your house with music from a whole home audio system from Smart Life. Smart Life makes it easy to share music throughout your house from any room you’re in. Have complete control of what music plays where with individual room control. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or setting a mood for a special night, a whole home audio system can make it crystal clear.

TV Wall or Suspended Installation

With TVs getting thinner and lighter it’s becoming more common to have a television virtually anywhere in your house and with Smart Life it can become a reality. TV wall mounting is perfect for the bedroom, kitchen or any small room with little floor space available. You can even install a TV on a deck or patio for entertainment outdoors. Make the most of your space and have a clean and functional wall mounted television installed in your house today.

Speaker System

Your choice of speakers can make or break your home entertainment experience. Make the right decision and have Smart Life complete your home theater or home audio system with top-of-the-line speakers that fit your needs. Whether you want theater quality sound in your basement or music filling your house, Smart Life will bring superior sound to your home.


Lighting Control

Set the mood while saving money and energy with automated lighting control from Smart Life. Have the capability to control the lights in any room of your house with just the touch of a finger. Smart Life can also integrate lights into your home theater system for optimal lighting for video games, sporting events, movies and more.

AC & Heating Control

Dial in the perfect temperature for your home with wireless AC & HVAC control at your fingertips. Whether you want to get relief for the summer heat or warm up after the latest snow storm, Smart Life will help make your home comfortable all year round.

Security System

With a security system from Smart Life you will have the peace of mind that your home and, most importantly, family are well protected. With over 9 years of home security experience, Smart Life offers the knowledge and understanding to provide you a system to fit your specific needs. Beyond just an alarm system, Smart Life also offers video surveillance capabilities. With a video surveillance system you will be able to watch over your house from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Whether you are out for the night or on a family vacation you will have comfort knowing your house is protected by the best at Smart Life.


Security System

Having a reliable security system is an important part for any business to protect their investments. With over nine years of security experience, Smart Life will give you the peace of mind that your business is in good hands. With a number of different options, Smart Life will install the right type of security system for your business. This isn’t limited to just alarms. Smart Life also offers video surveillance installation for further protection from theft and liability. So whether you are a small startup or large corporation Smart Life will provide a security system to keep your business out of harm’s way.

Lighting Control

As a business owner you can’t afford to waste money. And in an environmentally conscience world it is important to be energy efficient too. With lighting control from Smart Life, you can save money and energy with the swipe of a finger and touch of a button. From a central device you can control the lighting in a single room or the entire building. Along with lighting control, Smart Life can also install sensors to less frequently used room to insure no lights waste money or energy.

TV Installation/Audio System

Technology is changing the way the world does business. Having clients or investors across the world is no longer an issue. By offering a wide range of audio and visual services, Smart Life will provide the tools to help your business keep up with the ever evolving business world. Make video conferencing and presentations simple and efficient with professionally installed televisions. Have crystal clear conference calls with a top-of-the-line teleconferencing systems. Bring your business to the next level with Smart Life.  


iRule is a CEA award winning home entertainment integration and automation system offering total home control from your Android or iOS powered smart phone or tablet. iRule eliminates the need for multiple remotes for all your devices and makes the universal remote a thing of the past. Set-up multiple mobile devices for unheralded home control.

With the ability to set-up multiple smartphones or tablets, iRule is perfect for any family. Parents can customize the specific devices that can be controlled, limit the capabilities of their devices and even have favorited television channels so your children will only be able to watch what you would want them to.

With iRule, simplicity is key. Gone are the days for the need for multiple remotes. With iRule, one touch of a button turns on all the correct devices simultaneously and gets you enjoying your TV show or movie in no time. iRule can be added to any service provided by Smart Life for the ultimate home integration experience.

Already have a home theater set-up or just want to make your home life a little easier? Look no further than Smart Life. As a proud iRule authorized dealer, Smart Life can implement complete home integration with iRule into any pre-existing home theater or whole home audio system.